Our authentic, premium, cold~brew not only tastes great but is great for you.   

    Giving you the energy you need, and loaded with powerful antioxidants, our brews contain 0 sugars, 0 sweeteners, 0 preservatives.

    Grab a brew to get you going or keep you going.

    Wood~Fire Roasted Beans

    Our coffee begins from the origin of where it is grown. Our beans are carefully selected from small farms in North Africa and Central America, and fairly traded to protect the farmers and their livelihood. 

    Roasted extremely fresh, handcrafted over a wood~fire, giving our blend its niche flavour profile. 

    Brew your way, or use one of our suggested methods.

    Sustainable Production

    Sustainability is paramount in every step of our production.

    It is evident in our production method, our partnerships, and our alliance with Red Heifer Farms. 



    3SK Café - 1054 Eglinton Avenue West

    Auleaf Café - 3023 Bathurst Street

    Bubby's Bagels - 3035 Bathurst Street

    Caprae & Suidae Butchery - 1903 Avenue Road

    Dave Young Fruit Market - 494 Eglinton Avenue West

    Drink Juice Co. - 463 Manor Road East

    Harvest Wagon - 1103 Yonge Street

    Hermes Bakery - 2885 Bathurst Street

    Heroes and Villans Natural Foods - 610 Marlee Avenue

    I Barbieri - 3524 Bathurst Street

    Isaac's Bakery - 3390 Bathurst Street

    Lady York Foods - 2939 Dufferin Street

    Mii Sandwich Co - Yorkdale Shopping Centre

    Nortown Fine Foods - 892 Eglinton Avenue West

    Q Living - 1622 Bayview Avenue

    Qi Natural Foods - 1001 Eglinton Avenue West

    Richmond Bakery - 4119 Bathurst Street

    Savours Fresh Market - 3011 Bathurst Street 

    Savours Fresh Market - 3500 Bathurst Street 

    Shoppers Drug Mart - 1115 Lodestar Road

    Slice n' Bites - 3020 Bathurst Street

    Summerhill Market - 1054 Mount Pleasant Road

    Sunrise Fine Foods - 650 Sheppard Avenue West

    Tov Li - 3519 Bathurst Street

    Umami Sushi - 3459 Bathurst Street


    Fruit of the Land - Promenade Shopping Centre 

    Kosher Food Warehouse - 1118 Centre Street Unit 5a

    No Frills (Justin's Vaughan) - 1054 Centre Street

    Sobeys Clark & Hilda - 441 Clark Avenue West

    Sue's Fruit Market - 7241 Bathurst Street

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