• Methods of Brewing

    The French Press

    Description seeps coffee in boiling water

    Benefits strong, clean cup of coffee loaded with antioxidants

    What you need a french press, kettle, Hearthcraft coffee grounds, water


    • Measure the ground coffee and place it in the French Press
    • Allow the boiling water to cool for one minute, then slowly pour it into the French Press and stir.
    • Steep the coffee for between three and five minutes.
    • Press the plunger to the bottom and then drink immediately.

    Total Time ten minutes 

    The Automatic Drip

    Description drips coffee automatically though a filter into a brewing pot

    Benefits set it up the night before, may come with a grinder for a fresher cup

    What you need a coffee maker, filter, Hearthcraft coffee grinds, water


    • Place coffee grinds in filter in the brewer, two tablespoons per cup
    • Pour water into the reservoir
    • Hit the "brew" button

    Total Time ten minutes 

    The Pour Over

    Description poured by hand through a filter

    Benefits allows you complete control over temperature, taste, and strength

    What you need a pour over coffee maker, filter, Hearthcraft coffee grinds, boiling water


    • Bring water to a boil and allow to sit for one to two minutes
    • Put filter in pour over and place grinds evenly in filter, approximately two thirds full
    • Pour one quarter of the water slowly and evenly over the grounds, then wait thirty seconds. Continue pouring the rest of the water evenly over the grounds.

    Total Time Ten minutes 

    The Percolator

    Description cycles coffee through a small chamber

    Benefits keeps coffee hot for an extended period of time without burning it, great if you have a larger group

    What you need a percolator, stovetop, Hearthcraft coffee grinds, water


    • fill bottom chamber with six to seven ounces of water per cup
    • insert stem and upper chamber
    • fill upper chamber with two tablespoons of coffee grinds per cup
    • Place on stovetop or plug in
    • Wait until coffee in bottom chamber is bubbling 

    Total Time fifteen minutes 

    The AeroPress

    Description uses the force of gravity to extract the flavour

    Benefits lower PH, quick to brew, inexpensive, compact

    What you need an aeropress, a cap for the end of the aeropress, aeropress filters, coffee scoop measure, a funnel, stirring spoon, Hearthcraft coffee grinds, boiling water


    • Bring water to a boil and allow it to cool for one minute.
    • Place the filter inside the AeroPress cap.
    • Place the cap on top of a coffee mug. If using a paper filter, wet the filter with a small amount of room temperature to warm water.
    • Place the funnel on top of the filter and pour in the coffee grounds. Remove funnel.
    • Pour the hot water over the top of the coffee grounds to the top line on the AeroPress.
    • Quickly stir the coffee once using the paddle stirrer (which comes with the AeroPress), or a spoon.
    • Plunge and press. Insert the plunger and press down firmly until you hear a “hiss” noise.
    • Give the coffee a quick taste to see if you like the strength. You can add more boiling water to the coffee if you want it weaker. You can also split this cup into two and add extra hot water to make two servings.

    Total Time fifteen minutes 

    The Moka Pot

    Description passes hot water through coffee grounds, forced through steam pressure

    Benefits strong, espresso-like brew with minimal expense

    What you need coffee bean grinder, moka pot, damp towel (to hold the moka pot after boil), Hearthcraft coffee beans, water, boiling hot water


    • Fill bottom of moka pot to valve.
    • Grind coffee beans to a medium fine.
    • Boil water and allow to cool for one to two minutes.
    • Place boiling water into the bottom chamber of the moka pot.
    • Insert the funnel into the moka pot, and fill it with coffee grounds. Give the grounds a shake to even them out, but don’t tamp them (this avoids clogging).
    • Screw on the top of the moka pot and place the moka pot on the stove element over medium heat.
    • When the water begins to boil, the pressure slowly pushes the coffee through the upper chamber. If the coffee starts gurgling, turn the heat up slightly.
    • Listen for a bubbling, hissing sound. This is when you know your coffee is done.

    Total Time fifteen minutes