• Sustainable Production

    We care about the footprint we leave

    At Hearthcraft, sustainability matters. This is paramount in every step of our production. Our beans originate from small farms, and are fairly traded to protect the farmers and their livelihood. 

    Our beans are roasted over a natural wood~fire, ensuring the most energy efficient process. 

    Our cold~brew is made from our wood~fire roasted beans and brewed and bottled cold - no heat or energy is used in the process. 

    Finally, our coffee grinds are recycled and used as fertilizer on Red Heifer Farms in the county of Brock. We are proud of our alliance with Red Heifer Farms, a farm that exists for the sole purpose of giving generously, giving without parameters, and without expectation. Everything on this farm is a gift. Not because someone is poor and cannot afford it and not because it is charity, but because it is a gift and they want to give.

    Volunteer Day @ Red Heifer Farms

    Sunday May 13 11:30-4:30


    Red Heifer Farms

    Concession 14

    Brock, Ontario LOE

    (approx. 50 min north of Toronto)

    The most generous act that a human being can do is to feed another person.